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Spanish Words Training System

Are you interested how to learn Spanish 🇪🇸 with Notion and flashcards? Or want to take advantage of Spaced repetition without extra hassle? Check out this template!

The template contains 5000 Most Popular Spanish Words split into 60+ categories based on the part of speech and topics, that allow you to activate and start learning multiple coherent words at a time. Also, it provides 5 types of word training filled with activated words based on the spaced repetition principle.

😎 Progress Maker

This web app provides number of controls to configure the desired progress bar appearance and generate the dedicated Notion formula to visualise your projects and goals progress in a fancy way. It can be either the bar or the slider, with any preferable width and symbols.

Header Decorator

This web app provides number of controls to configure the desired font appearance and add extra decorative elements to make it even more extravagant. Choose you perfect setting, click the "copy" button and paste into your Notion page 🎉

Automated Budget Tracker

This template allows you to keep track of your spendings in an automated fashion and turn the Notion app into a powerful budgeting tool 💸

It offers:

  • Up to 10 different budget categories to track
  • Bulk transaction import via CSV
  • Monthly overviews

Note a Day

This Free template shows new random Notion cards every day. There are 3 categories:

  • 🐶 381 Dog images
  • 🐱 68 Cats images
  • 👋 "How's it going" phrase translated to 88 different languages

Forcing Filters in Notion - In-depth explanation

Did you know that linked database views in Notion can be used to force note's property value?

This video explains how the database view filters work, and how they can automate the properties input, or vice-versa - how to make them nudge the user to type in the properties value manually. The forcing filters is one of the most common building blocks in semi-automated note management, so it's an absolutely necessary thing to know if you want to build them by yourself or simply know how they work under the hood.

Habit tracker template

Flexibly remind about your routines, track them with simple drag&drop, see the statistic and take your behaviour under control with this Notion template 💪

🔥 What it offers

  • Simple drag&drop interface for habit tracking
  • Utilises 4 laws of habit formation and help to design a better habits
  • Entire history + last 7 days statistic
  • Allows to specify the day of the week for your routines